USF IB Seminar Series | SPRING 2014

Date Time & Location Speaker Title Additional info
Total Zero Open Seminars (Please contact Christina Richards, Marc Lajeunesse, or Susan Bell for additional info)
Jan. 16 3:30, CWY107 Tiffany Doan-Costa,
State College of Florida
Determinants of Reptile Distribution Patterns in South America
Jan. 23 3:30, CWY107 Elizabeth Miller,
Department of Anthropology
University of South Florida
Ecological immunity in mothers and infants of northern Kenya
Jan. 30 3:30, CWY107 Stephanie Gervasi,
University of South Florida
Host identity matters: variation in amphibian responses to an emerging fungal pathogen and implications for disease dynamics
Feb. 6 3:30, CWY107 Jody Harwood,
University of South Florida
Microbial Source Tracking: Who Poos There?
Feb. 13 3:30, CWY107 Kevin Padian,
UC Berkeley
When is sexual selection not sexual selection? Quite often, actually ... Darwin Day Lecture I
Feb. 14 3:30, FAO248 Kevin Padian,
UC Berkeley
Richard Owen, Charles Darwin, and the shaping of Victorian biology Darwin Day Lecture II, Philosphy/History
Feb. 20 3:30, CWY107 Luke Flory,
University of Florida
Mechanisms, impacts, and long-term dynamics of a non-native grass invasion in eastern deciduous forests
Feb. 27 3:30, CWY107 OPEN
March 6 3:30, CWY107 Karen Kelsky Graduate School As a Means to a Job
March 13 3:30, CWY107 SPRING BREAK
March 20 3:30, CWY107 Erica Crespi,
Washington State University
Investigating the long-term effects of early life environments in amphibians: from the lab to the landscape.
March 27 3:30, CWY107 Mike Osland,
U.S. Geological Survey, National Wetlands Research Center
From restoration to climate change: the ecological effects and drivers of mangrove expansion into salt marsh BGSO speaker
April 3 3:30, CWY107 Stephanie Green,
David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow
New insights into the ecological effects and management of invasive lionfish in the Western Atlantic
April 10 3:30, CWY107 Kevin Lafferty,
University of California,
Santa Barbara
Parasites and Food Webs
April 17 3:30, CWY107 Eric Johnson,
University of North Florida
A stronger role for ecology in fisheries management: Lessons from the Chesapeake blue crab
April 24 3:30, CWY107 Allan Feldman,
College of Education, USF
Multiple Outcome Interdisciplinary Research and Learning (MOIRL): A model for K-12, University, and Community Partnerships


USF IB Seminar Series | Fall 2013

Date Time & Location Speaker Title Additional info
Total 1 Open Seminar (Please contact Christina Richards or Marc Lajeunesse for additional info)
Sept. 5 3:30, CWY107 Brian Andres,
Department of Geology, USF
Evolution on the Wing: Form, Function, and Phylogeny in Pterosaurs
Sept. 12 3:30, CWY107 Gordon Fox,
Dept. of Integrative Biology, USF
Individuals and populations in ecology and evolution
Sept. 19 3:30, CWY107 Emilie Snell-Rood,
University of Minnesota
Nutritional constraints on life history evolution: historical limitations and modern change BGSO invited speaker
Sept. 26 3:30, CWY107 Jason Kolbe,
University of Rhode Island
From small islands to big cities: evolutionary responses during Anolis lizard introductions
Oct. 3 3:30, CWY107 Hojun Song,
University of Central Florida
Evolution of density-dependent phenotypic plasticity in grasshoppers and locusts
Oct. 10 3:30, CWY107 Mark Lloyd,
Moffitt Cancer Center
The Ecology of Cancer
Oct. 17 3:30, CWY107 Larissa Williams,
Bates College
Signatures of selection in natural populations adapted to chronic pollution
Oct. 24 3:30, CWY107 Leticia AvilÚs,
University of British Columbia
The ecology of social evolution: empirical studies on social spiders and a general theoretical framework
Oct. 31 3:30, CWY107 Dave Civitello,
University of South Florida
Environmental drivers, key traits, and fungal epidemics in Daphnia
Nov. 14 3:30, CWY107 Burton Singer,
University of Florida
Asymptomatic infections in animals and plants: implications for disease control and elimination strategies
Nov. 21 3:30, CWY107 John Wiens,
University of Arizona
Niche conservatism and the gain and loss of biodiversity

USF IB Seminar Series | SPRING 2013

Date Time & Location Speaker Title Additional info
Total 2 Open Seminars (Please contact Christina Richards or Marc Lajeunesse for additional info)
Jan. 17 3:30, CHE101 RESERVED
Jan. 24 3:30, CHE101 RESERVED
Jan. 31 3:30, CHE101 RESERVED
Feb. 7 3:30, CHE101 RESERVED
Feb. 14 3:30, MSC2100

6:00 pm, TECO Room (Education)
Lee Dugatkin,
University of Louisville

Lee Dugatkin,
University of Louisville
Darwin, genes and culture: mate choice in guppies and humans

The Evolution of Altruism: From Darwin to Today
Darwin Day Lecture I

Darwin Day Lecture II
Feb. 21 3:30, CWY107 Camille Parmesan,
University of Texas at Austin and Plymouth University
Impacts of global warming on wild life
Feb. 28 3:30, CHE101 Joe Torres,
USF St. Petersburg
The Antarctic silverfish in Western Antarctic Peninsula shelf waters: victim of changing climate?
March 14 3:30, CHE101 SPRING BREAK
March 21 3:30, MSC2708 David Wake,
University of California, Berkeley
Progress in Understanding the Global Amphibian Biodiversity Crisis: Paradoxes and Opportunities BGSO invited speaker
March 28 3:30, CHE101 Christopher Anderson,
University of South Florida
Environmental Effects on the Biomechanics and Motor Physiology of Elastically Powered Movements in Chameleons Ph.D. defence seminar
April 4 3:30, CHE101 Iliana Baums,
Penn. State University
Adaptation to climate change in coral-algal symbioses
April 11 3:30, CHE101 Jason Hoeksema,
University of Mississippi
Genetic variation and the potential for coevolution in mycorrhizal interactions
April 18 3:30, CHE101 Richard Wassersug,
Dalhousie University and University of British Columbia
Not Fish nor Frog, but Polliwog: Key Features in the Design of Anuran Larvae

USF IB Seminar Series | Fall 2012

Date Time & Location Speaker Title Additional info
Total zero Open Seminars (Please contact Christina Richards for additional info)
Aug. 30 3:30, CHE217 Doug Crawford,
University of Miami
Biological Importance of -Omics: How do we know what is important
Sept. 6 3:30, CHE217 Erin Feichtinger,
Texas State University
Fine-scale habitat associations of scissor-tailed tlycatchers (Tyrannus forficatus) in south-central Texas
Sept. 13 3:30, CHE217 Cathy Walsh,
Mote Marine Laboratory
Of marine mice & men: comparative immunology of marine invertebrates
Sept. 20 3:30, CHE217 Mollie Brooks,
University of Florida
Effects of forest fragmentation on the demography and variability of an Amazon understory herb
Sept. 27 3:30, CHE217 Suzanne Young,
University of South Florida, Columbia University, and Queens College
Diversity and distribution of antibiotic resistant bacteria in the Hudson River estuary
Oct. 4 3:30, CHE217 Ryan Earley,
University of Alabama
Phenotypic variation and plasticity in a selfing vertebrate
Oct. 11 3:30, CHE217 Philip William Bateman, Archbold Biological Station & University of Pretoria Getting ahead by leaving bits of you behind: the costs and benefits of autotomy
Oct. 18 3:30, CHE217 Mark Haussmann,
Bucknell University
A bird's eye view of aging
Oct. 25 3:30, CHE217 Kevin Hovel,
San Diego State University
Predator-prey interactions in seagrass landscapes: integrating complexity, patchiness, and behavior Cosponsored by Florida Sea Grant
Nov. 1 3:30, CHE217 Sharon Feit, USF Integrative Biology Variability and Role of Ecosystem Properties in Regulating Soil Organic Matter Stability in Isolated Freshwater Wetlands of West-Central Florida
Nov. 8 3:30, CHE217 Reed Bowman,
Archbold Biological Station
The behavioral ecology of jays in response to habitat structure
Nov. 15 3:30, CHE217 Chantale Bégin, USFSP Department of Biological Sciences Land use and sedimentation impacts on coral reefs in the eastern Caribbean
Nov. 29 3:30, CHE217 Graduate Student USF Group Seminar Taegan McMahon on "Disease and Amphibian declines: alternative hosts of the Chytrid fungus"

Brittany Sears on "Host life history influences parasite encystment location and tolerance in tadpoles"

Zachery Staley on "Effects of agrochemicals on protozoa and bacterivorous predation"
Dec. 6 3:30, CHE217 Graduate Student USF Group Seminar Maria Laura Habegger on "Feeding biomechanics in billfishes, inferring the role of the rostrum from a mechanical standpoint"

Amanda Boller on "Stable Carbon Isotope Discrimination by RubisCO Enzymes Relevant to the Global Carbon Cycle"


USF IB Seminar Series | Spring 2012

Date Time & Location Speaker Title Additional info
Total Zero Open Seminars (Please contact Marc Lajeunesse for additional info)
Jan. 12 3:30, CHE217 Sandy Westerheide,
Regulation of heat shock transcription factor HSF1 by SIRT1
Jan. 19 3:30, CHE217 Bill Baker,
USF Chemistry
Antarctic Marine Chemical Ecology
Jan. 26 3:30, CHE217 Robert Fletcher,
Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, University of Florida
A network perspective on the connectivity and persistence of populations
Feb. 2 11:00 am, FAH101

3:30, CHE217
Barry Sinervo,
University of California, Santa Cruz

Rich McBride,
NOAA's Northeast Fisheries Science Center at Woods Hole
Climate-forced extinctions threaten biodiversity at tropical and temperate speciation hotspots

Effects of food and energy assimilation on egg production in relation to fish reproductive strategies
Feb. 9 3:30, MSC2100C

7:00 pm, FAH101
Eugenie Scott,
National Center for Science Education

Eugenie Scott,
National Center for Science Education
Dr. Scott's Handy-Dandy Guide to Teaching Evolution

Florida's 'Critical Thinking' bills: Creationism du jour?
Darwin Day Lecture I

Darwin Day Lecture II
Feb. 16 3:30, CHE217 Chris Stallings,
USF St. Petersburg Marine Science
Indirect effects of fishing on predators and their prey
Feb. 23 3:30, CHE217 Michele Nishiguchi,
Department of Biology, New Mexico State University
How many degrees of separation? Interfacing ecology with beneficial associations between bobtail squids and Vibrio BGSO invited speaker
Mar. 1 3:30, CHE217 Corinne Richards-Zawacki,
Tulane University
A frog of a different color: why are the poison frogs of Bocas del Toro Panama so amazingly diverse?
Mar. 8 3:30, CHE217 Harold Drake,
Department of Ecological Microbiology, University of Bayreuth
Darwin's Invertebrates, an Oasis for Soil Anaerobes
Mar. 15 3:30, CHE217 SPRING BREAK
Mar. 22 3:30, CHE217 Peter Sale,
University of Windsor
Our planet does not have to die
Mar. 29 3:30, CHE217 Mark Tamplin,
University of Tasmania, Australia
Predictive models to manage microbial contamination of food
Apr. 5 3:30, CHE217 Christine Miller,
Entomology and Nematology Department, University of Florida
Sexual selection in variable environments
Apr. 6 10:30, SCA333 Moshe Inbar,
Department of Evolutionary & Environmental Biology, University of Haifa (Haifa, Israel)
Direct interactions between mammalian herbivores and plant-dwelling insects
Apr. 12 3:30, CHE217 Alex Levine,
Philosophy Department,
Darwinism and Human Nature
Apr. 19 3:30, CHE217 Craig Osenberg,
Department of Biology, University of Florida
Ecological synthesis: from climate change to marine reserves
Apr. 26 3:30, CHE217 David Jenkins,
Department of Biology, University of Central Florida
Interactive effects of pasture management, grazing, and fire on wetland biodiversity

USF IB Seminar Series | fall 2011

Date Time & Location Speaker Title Additional info
Total 0 OPEN Seminar (Please contact Marc Lajeunesse for additional info)
Aug. 25 3:30, CHE217 Brian Silliman,
University of Florida
Food webs, Climate change and new paradigms in Marine Ecology
Sept. 1 3:30, CHE217 Lynn (Marty) Martin,
USF Integrative Biology
Physiological integration and phenotypic variation in vertebrates Tenure Seminar
Sept. 8 3:30, CHE217 Steve Deban,
USF Integrative Biology
Constraint and convergence in the evolution of musculoskeletal systems Tenure Seminar
Sept. 15 3:30, CHE217 Thomas Unnasch,
USF Department of Global Health
You transmit what you eat - Using mosquito blood meals to decipher the dynamics of the transmission of Eastern Equine Encephalitis
Sept. 22 3:30, CHE217 David L. Reed,
Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida
Of Lice and Men: using a lousy parasite to shed new light on human evolution
Sept. 29 3:30, CHE217 Megan Sheffield,
Academic Services Librarian USF
Research Rescue: Caught in the Web of Science
Oct. 6 3:30, CHE217 John Orrock,
Zoology Department, University of Wisconsin
Some consequences of plant-mediated animal behavior: the invasion ratchet and potential changes in disease risk
Oct. 13 3:30, CHE217 Patrick Krug,
Dept. of Biological Sciences, Cal. State Los Angeles
Shifts in host use and larval type promote speciation in photosynthetic sea slugs
Oct. 20 3:30, CHE217 Greg O'Mullan,
CUNY Queens College
Sewage loading and microbial ecology in urban estuaries of New York
Oct. 27 3:30, CHE217 Michael Reed,
Tufts University
Persistence & Extinction of Small Populations: Birds, Fish, and Elvis
Nov. 3 3:30, CHE217 Carol Rizkalla,
USF Integrative Biology
Modeling Connectivity for Forest Rodents in Indiana
Nov. 10 3:30, CHE217 Lorena Madrigal,
USF Anthropology
The evolution of human post-reproductive longevity
Nov. 17 3:30, CHE217 Amy Litt,
New York Botanical Garden
What makes a tomato a tomato: comparative gene function in the development of fleshy and dry fruits in the tomato family
Dec. 1 3:30, CHE217 Andrea Liebl & Courtney Coon (USF Integrative Biology) TBA: Slide show of Kenya safaris and field work Kenyan food!?